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Why Us?

The Group

Alyafi group is one of the core companies providing assurance, tax, legal and financial advisory services. Since its establishment in 1975 by a group of financial consultants who have an in depth knowledge in Banking and finance, in addition to auditing and accounting;  Alyafi group has centered its activity in numerous initiatives linked with banks, financial institutions, public sector, electricity, NGOs, water and sewage, environment, oil & energy, transportation and different infrastructures.
Alyafi group stands as an impartial entity so that to ensure the technical support and recommendation supplied to its clients is free from conflict of interest.

Understanding You

Alyafi group works with different kinds of institutes/sectors nationally and internationally. The call of Alyafi group is known, respected and linked with the very best standards of independent auditing. Our customers range from small organizations, partnerships and charities to listed firms, multinationals and government bodies. Through adopting an advanced global audit strategies and its latest technology applications, Alyafi group offers an efficient, cost-effective and complete solutions to each customer regardless of size and vicinity. So regardless of the size of your business scope, Alyafi group has the proper understanding for you.





Our services are provided basically to enable clients to fulfill statutory necessities. Our team is also skilled at unveiling possibilities for clients to enhance efficiency and productivity. A close expert relationship is maintained with clients with the aid of our team members who are intently involved in all assignments. Our services are designed to make the assurance procedure cost - effective and reward clients with positive recommendation. Our approach is not that of a standard accountant company and we did not end up a leading accounting firm by means of a twist of fate. Through lively and close involvement with our customers’ business, we help them build a stable basis, sturdy enough to steer the business forward and recognize its full ability.

The services we provide consist of:
Audit & Assurance
Management Consulting & Financial Advisory services
Corporate Finance Services
Risk management
Capacity building
Tax Services
Intellectual property


Our Advisory Services team presents valuable insights into how groups can develop and increase their shareholder value. Corporate Finance and Transaction services guide clients through all levels of a transaction, from corporate approach to post-merger integration. Company recovery assists underperforming businesses in turnaround conditions and in rebuilding stakeholder confidence, whilst Forensic assists in protecting the reputation and integrity of our clients’ enterprise. The Regulatory Advisory practice offers to its clients an ample variety of advisory and compliance associated services, for the various concerns they face. The firm is continuously growing new outlets whilst seeking out new efficiencies in core disciplines, securing boom for its customers, and supporting them gain their aspirations. The advisory practice helps customers override the growing complexity of the regulatory environment, the need for extra transparency in operations and disclosure norms. The practice presents assurance to the diverse stakeholders past the conventional critique of numbers.


Our Assurance methods help clients reap their targets and be triumphant inside the new economy through measuring performance, managing risk, and leveraging expertise so they can focus on their growth. Through close comprehension of client’s business, we can convert records into insights to uncover the hidden opportunities which can assist customers improve efficiency and overall performance.


Effective tax recommendation and planning can supply your enterprise with aggressive benefit. Alyafi group offers various Tax services that are designed to offer clients progressive tax plans. We also are adamant on locating opportunities and leveraging them to the benefit of customers in the form of big tax savings. Through tailor-made, creative initiatives, the practice can assist reduce a client’s bottom-line expenses.

Human Resource

We also through outsourcing provide a extensive variety of HR consulting services designed to guide your organization's success.





The notion of outsourcing is to provide assistance to a large spectrum of non-strategic repetitive features, thereby, releasing managerial time for strategic activities. Outsourcing permits inner resources to focus on attaining business objectives. Our intention is to offer a simple network of low cost, flexible and well-coordinated procedures for extended efficiency and better controls.


Our conventional audit is empowered by the personal guidance we provide to every one of our customers. Our team is not only skilled in analyzing figures, but also in the repercussions of the transactions. We search for methods that may have been ignored, and in so doing, we become aware of opportunities  to intensify the profitability and effectiveness of our clients’ companies. Understanding our clients’ businesses is a holistic approach.

Finincial Audit

An examination as per International Standards on Auditing, of the affirmations administration has put forth on its money related expressions bringing about a sentiment that gives sensible confirmation on whether those statements are genuinely expressed as per International Financial Reporting Standards or other fitting monetary structure.



Finincial Review

A Review, as per the International Standards on engagements, of an association's budgetary proclamation included scientific audit methodology and request bringing about a report that gives direct affirmation on whether those money related articulations are set up as per International Financial Reporting Standards or other fitting monetary revealing system.

Our services include:

  • Budgeting

    IT Audit

    Cash Flow-Projections / Planning

    Corporate Reorganization

    Cost Allocation Studies

    Financial Analysis and Planning

    Forecasts and Projections

    Fraud Investigations

    Internal Control Reviews

    Lease vs. Buy Decisions

    Liquidation and Bankruptcies

    Management Hiring

    Personal Financial Planning

    Return on Investment Analysis

    Strategic Planning


    Valuations of Businesses



Information Technoloy Services

Alyafi group’s ambition is to enforce, in concert with the chief records protection officer and chief risk officer, cyber risk control techniques, programs and solutions to guard business worth and permit organizational strategies. We also provide extra expert resources to supplement your protection team, to imparting a completely outsourced carrier; we are able to deliver cyber statistics, information and bodily advisory and consulting services.





Financial Advisory

Whether you are building or repairing a business, your investments are worth millions of dollars.  As a CEO, creditor, shareholder — you want to recognize what to keep out for. You want the alternative players in the deal to know you are on top of things. Furthermore, you might want connections to capital, people and records. It all comes to control. When you partner with Alyafi group , you share our proficiency, our high-quality technical talents with international, seamless communications and deep industry know-how. Your intention is shareholder value. We help construct a scheme to get you there.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Services
  • Services for Finance Directors
  • Human Capital Advisory
  • Operational Excellence
  • Public Sector Procurement Services
  • Public Interest - Capacity Building

Transaction Advisory

Each private business seeks to build incomes and secure an exceptional yield on the shareholder value. While a few organizations are fruitful in accomplishing this, most need outer assets, expertise sets and learning. To accomplish an uncommon execution or more normal profit for value, you need an accomplice. An accomplice, with worldwide scholarly capital, inside and out learning in different enterprises and a wide ability base, Alyafi Group Consulting, works with you to open your capability to develop.


Our services include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Business Valuation and financial modeling
  • Transaction Advisory Services: Financial, Commercial, Legal ,Tax..
  • Capital Market Advisory
  • Feasibility Studies


Corporate & Outsourcing Accounting Related Book

Dynamic organizations need to focus their energies on driving the business forward and outsourcing could help you achieve this. Transferring certain services to a third party not only allows you to concentrate on your core business; it can also improve efficiency and cut costs. When it comes to outsourcing, we do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We listen carefully to your business needs and deliver comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.

Money Bookkeeping

Supporting customers with accounting,finance estimation and bookkeeping and duty related commitments.

Tax Compliance

Readiness of duty revelations,screening the appraisal system,illuminating you about vital installments.


We can bolster you in diminishing your managerial expenses and guaranteeing that security and privacy related issues.

Human Asset

Outsource the whole organization's HR procedures or individual angles for an answer that depends on your implemented system.

Budgetary Explanations

Aiding you to satisfy your obligations to keeping records,ensuring that the general population and different partners will be given dependable reports.


Advising Clients into choosing the appropriate procedures to be outsourced,enhancing proficiency and bringing costs down to you business.


Developing organizations require progressively modern guidance on duty structures when setting out on universal operations. Impose administrations and consistence controls change quickly, while corporate action in one purview can have significant results on duty liabilities in numerous others. Financially disapproved of guidance can help organizations settle on educated choices that limit their liabilities for sound business advantage. Organizations working in a few nations expect a shared characteristic of administration standard and a consistency of value from associations that give these administrations. Directions administering the bookkeepers and legal counselors who give charge direction and consistence exhortation, be that as it may, differ incredibly between wards.

Our Extensive Counseling Administrations for Organizations and Associations :

  • Corporate Tax Consulting and Reporting
  • International Tax
  • Local and Indirect Taxes
  • Tax Transformation Services
  • Tax Process Solutions

Our People

Our staff includes monetary investigators, outer inspectors, inner examiners, data frameworks reviewers, bookkeepers, impose advisors, administration specialists, and framework experts, and specialized specialists. Individuals from our ranking staff are notable as specialists in their fields, all having worldwide accreditation. Throughout the years, we have gained involvement in giving guidance to a wide assortment of associations, including open part establishments, where we are among just couple of firms certified to serve business people, banks, money related foundation, privately owned businesses, not-for-profit organizations, multi national enterprises and different elements.



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